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Schema & MOCM make Contact Mic Instruments

We are sending each other a set of select objects through the post! Then each one of us makes some sort of DIY sound improvisation device with these objects. And then make some music with it. MOCM http://www.mocm.grContinue reading

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Particle Chant

Particle Chant I collected a large number of granular sounds, using mainly analog synthesizers and contact microphones, as well as synthesis and processing techniques which helped me get granular textures from other types of sound material. My initial goal was … Continue reading

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My SoundCloud

Updated tracks on SoundCloud three playlists – compilations schema musicalis · Music for Diffusion schema musicalis · improvisations schema musicalis · Lounge Funk  

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Noise box improvisations

A noise improvisation instrument for RSLG making material for my piece Particle Chant

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I Make Music with Anything

Two videos about creating musical material out of anything. In a pop music context and in an Electroacoustic – Acousmatic music context.

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Ποιητική Θορύβου – Αστικό Ηχοτοπίο και Σύνθεση

This paper attempts to analyze the role of urban soundscape in electroacoustic acousmatic composition, looking at my own work, as well as with a view on contemporary music in general. Exploring the concept of noise in our culture, I approach the mechanisms that allow the sounds of everyday experience to participate in the development of a poetics rich in emotional dynamic, connected with fundamental elements of our music tradition and directly dependent on the way we experience sound.

A large part of my source recordings takes place in the city. Urban soundscapes have become the new natural sound environment for the people of the city. Over a century of exposition to sound by machines, crowds, plastic and metal, pure tones and recorded music embedded in everyday background, tends to redefine the processes and archetypes that govern the way we evaluate sound as art, as well as our emotional responses to it. The meaning and cultural significance of noise radically change.

Having chosen recorded sound as the main material of my sonic art, I sometimes use unprocessed sound and drive the composition forward by cutting, juxtaposing and mixing, playing with connotations, and the locally emerging myth. Alternatively, I might use the recording as a malleable material that I can change and warp around to the extreme. ‘Real-world’ sound has always had a certain power on the mind of the listener and so have the processes of its transformation, subtle or dramatic, gradual or sudden, playing with degrees of recognizability and laying out some kind of idiosyncratic dreamscape for listeners to let evolve and explore in their own mind. Continue reading

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HELMCA – Electroacoustic Miniatures

Release Party, June 2015 @ Beton7, Athens with special guest Dr. Simon Emerson 54 Electroacoustic Miniatures by 54 Greek Composers The Door Study being my contribution

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ICMC 2014 – what an experience!

I worked for the joint ICMC|SMC|2014 Conference that took place in Athens, Greece, from 14 to 20 September 2014. Served as a member of the music jury. As one of the curators I prepared electroacoustic fixed media and mixed media concerts for the conference. … Continue reading

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live at Triple Bath Festival

Circuit bent toys live at the Triple Bath Festival, 7 Feb 2014, Anamesa Art Space, Athens Greece

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noiz toyz

circuit bent toys, after being ruthlessly tested by my kids at home and randomly squeezed on summer beaches and multi-instrumental jam parties, where finally plugged into a very loud sound system – to do some heavy sound magic – at … Continue reading

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electroacoustic improvisation

About: Reclaiming the Past, Regaining the Real festival   Live @ KNOT Gallery  

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performances (under construction)

Circuit bent toys @ Resistance drone&noise festival, 22 Dec 2013 at Vyrsodepseio, Athens. Electroacoustic Days 2013, Corfu Impro sessions @ Polytexno, Corfu more….and more to come… past… Musicircus A 6 hour multi-stage tribute to John Cage 8 channel perfromances of John Cage tape … Continue reading

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Faidron & Schema

Stelios Giannoulakis – Cirquit Bent Toys, Effects Faidron – Double Bass, Guitar, Cimbalom, Theremin, Bowed Cymbals, Electronics

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Athens Sound Walks – Big Village Dynamics

I recorded a series of routes in the centre of Athens during November and December 2009. Starting off from my house I walk in the streets, use the metro and end up wandering through the pedestrian zones at Thisio and … Continue reading

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Pivot Line

Acousmatic study with lines and dots in three parts. I recorded about one hour of improvisation on laptop and controllers, accompanying contemporary dance. This material included specific types of sound objects and sound behaviors, as well as certain elements of … Continue reading

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Stereo for multi speaker diffusion – 8:27 Noise, detachment and dreamlike transportation. A meditation on the soundscape of the city . I made this piece using the sound of a horn/car alarm and the noises of cars and motorbikes. It … Continue reading

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about my electroacoustic work

These pieces use the language of electro-acoustic music. Various methods of sound synthesis, extensive processing of recorded sound (soundscapes, objects, instruments, etc) and micro-montage techniques have been used to encompass a huge range of sound objects into the music, which … Continue reading

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Suvenires Stereo               4:08 The Money Project for ICMC2002 called for pieces to be based on a short recording of people advertising souvenirs at an outdoor market in Havana, Cuba.[1] The voices, tired from repetition and the daily tourist circus, had … Continue reading

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the door study

The Door Study Stereo               3:59 This piece was part of The Door Project.[1] The sound of doors is being used a lot in acousmatic music for the strong literal and metaphoric significance it has for most people and for its … Continue reading

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Limiting raw material. Preset sources and sound families.

The Door Study was the first in this series to have strict conditions on its source material. I made everything out of the short sample of a door opening and closing. On all the previous pieces there were no specific … Continue reading

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