vlcsnap-2014-04-30-10h42m39s111aBorn in Athens, Greece, 1971. First degree in Electronic and Biomedical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. Master of Arts in Digital Music Technology at the University of Keele with Mike Vaughan and Rajmil Fishman. Ph.D. in Electroacoustic Composition at Bangor University with Andrew Lewis.

Composition with recorded and synthesized sound, sound design, live electronics, sound diffusion performance, tools for creative sonic manipulation, circuit bending, free improvisation, pop culture, instrument construction, transformations of form and essence, cross-genre stylistic studies and interdisciplinary practical research. Music for concert, theater, video, dance, installations and video games.

Using recording equipment and the modern electronic music studio I integrate many different types of sound material into works articulating a personal musical language. Employing live performance and sound synthesis techniques, sonic transformations and elaborate editing I experiment with concepts, degrees of control, stylistic, aesthetic and compositional approaches, as well as with the ideas of tension manipulation and resonance.

My electroacoustic works are being performed at international festivals and conferences. Teaching and writing about music and technology in Athens. I am a founding member of HELMCA (Greek Union of Composers of Electroacoustic Music, www.essim.gr)

Since 1987 working with various people in music and art. Some other past and current projects: Elektrobalkana the band; Game Over (2011), Dance Vacuum dance co; Traces (2011), electroacoustic performance with Aggeloskoni dance co; SinusExplorer improvised performances; Case of Emergency, audio visual performance with MedeaElectronique; Koumaria2009 digital media residency; A Macbeth, Protoporia Theatre Group (2006); Urban Fractals (2006) & Open 24/7 (2005), 14th Day dance company; The Making of Balkan Wars The Game, Personal Cinema (2003); Can You Hear Me, Futuresonic (2006). Studio Cesare ‘Lieu de passage’, France 2002; BBC Platform 2000; Bangor New Music Festival. Awards: CEC Jeu de Temp (2003); Society for Promotion of New Music (2001, 2002); Bourges International Electroacoustic Competition (1999, 2001).

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