Paramana – Crescent Moon Bear

The show is based on the Japanese story Tsuki no Waguma, -The Crescent Moon Bear.
By using three dimensional shadow theatre techniques, an originally hand-made projector, live narration and live electronic music we travel back in time to the Trench War and to its irreversible consequences. “The Crescent Moon Bear” is a dark fairy tale for teenagers that talks about courage and persistence, loss and pain, life and death, sensibility and love, and moreover it talks about a little child’s adventurous journey trying to save her father’s soul.



Live narration in greek, english, french and italian.
For both children and adults.


Conception – Direction: Anastasia Parava,
Stathis Tsemberlidis
Animation- Narration: Anastasia Parava
Composition, Musical Performance, Sound Design: Stelios Giannoulakis
Constructions, figurines, designs: Stathis Tsemberlidis
Conception and construction of the manual projector: Apostolis Sorolopidis
Lightings: Georgios Karakantzas-Anima Theatre,
Anastasia Parava
Translation: Anastasia Parava,
Eliane Pauwels
Artistic Adaptation from the original text: Maggie Pouplis
Introductory text: Giannis Papyrakis
Father ’s letter: Maggie Pouplis
Father ‘s voice: Nikos Martziokas
Photos: Vangelis Paravas
Shadow Theatre –three dimensional shadows of minuscule figurines – projections of three dimensional images from an original hand made projector– with live narration and electronic music.

There are things that can be seen only through the eyes of a soldier. It is only he that knows what it is like…he and his loved ones who long for him to return…

About stelios giannoulakis

composition, sound design, engineering, improvisation
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