works for tape

Zrrraam!!! 05:01
The Way In 14:08
Plastic 08:31
Trace of Jam 02:08
Love Raga 05:31

Chaotic Lucidity 14:47
Colour is Instability 02:52
The Maze 12:03
Rainwater 05:57
Suvenires 03:47
Chips 04:22
Garnedd Big Band Alien Train Attack 14:47
The Door Study 03:59
Rites of Passage 23:55

Materialisation 10:13
Pivot Line 13:49
Introspective 08:50
Big Village Dynamics / Athens Sound Walks 14:34
Frequency Modulator 6:00
Liquid Dance 3:00
Transference 7:08

Particle Chant 9:30

works for instruments and electronics/Tape

Waaa!! Sa Ba t IMP a!! (Tape, Percussion Ensemble, Free Improvisation), written for Samba Bangor and the IMP free improvisation ensemble
Marginal Transformation 50:14
(violin, saxophone, accordeon, piano, double bass, tape, electronics)
Spectral Dialogues 30:21
(violin, cello, electronics)

works with video

Great Schema on Heat
Torso 360
Think of a Woman (with Martha Dimitropoulou)
A beautiful Dream (with Jung Chul HUR)
Shall we Dance? (with Margarita Stavraki)


The Making of Balkan Wars: The Game (with Personal Cinema)



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