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Ποιητική Θορύβου – Αστικό Ηχοτοπίο και Σύνθεση

This paper attempts to analyze the role of urban soundscape in electroacoustic acousmatic composition, looking at my own work, as well as with a view on contemporary music in general. Exploring the concept of noise in our culture, I approach the mechanisms that allow the sounds of everyday experience to participate in the development of a poetics rich in emotional dynamic, connected with fundamental elements of our music tradition and directly dependent on the way we experience sound.

A large part of my source recordings takes place in the city. Urban soundscapes have become the new natural sound environment for the people of the city. Over a century of exposition to sound by machines, crowds, plastic and metal, pure tones and recorded music embedded in everyday background, tends to redefine the processes and archetypes that govern the way we evaluate sound as art, as well as our emotional responses to it. The meaning and cultural significance of noise radically change.

Having chosen recorded sound as the main material of my sonic art, I sometimes use unprocessed sound and drive the composition forward by cutting, juxtaposing and mixing, playing with connotations, and the locally emerging myth. Alternatively, I might use the recording as a malleable material that I can change and warp around to the extreme. ‘Real-world’ sound has always had a certain power on the mind of the listener and so have the processes of its transformation, subtle or dramatic, gradual or sudden, playing with degrees of recognizability and laying out some kind of idiosyncratic dreamscape for listeners to let evolve and explore in their own mind. Continue reading

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About working with soundscape recordings

I have been recording “real world” sound from the very beginning of my involvement with electroacoustic composition. Getting my main influences from composers such as Trevor Wishart, Jonty Harrison, Francis Dhomond, François Baille, Ives Daust, Beatriz Ferreira and others from … Continue reading

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about my electroacoustic work

These pieces use the language of electro-acoustic music. Various methods of sound synthesis, extensive processing of recorded sound (soundscapes, objects, instruments, etc) and micro-montage techniques have been used to encompass a huge range of sound objects into the music, which … Continue reading

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control for the People

Εναλλακτικοί Controllers «εύκολα και γρήγορα» Παρουσιάζω μερικές απλές και τσάμπα (ή σχεδόν) λύσεις για τη μετατροπή συσκευών τις οποίες συνδέουμε συνήθως με τον υπολογιστή για άλλες δουλειές, όπως η γραφίδα, η κάμερα ή το joystick, σε εναλλακτικούς controllers – όργανα. … Continue reading

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Sound Projection/Diffusion

Προβολή ήχου: Μια πρακτική ζωντανής απόδοσης της ηλεκτροακουστικής μουσικής Η λέξη diffusion (διάχυση) παίρνει εδώ έννοια ενεργητική. Ο diffuser ελέγχει την προβολή (projection) ενός μουσικού έργου, διαχέοντας τον ήχο στο χώρο. Με τον τρόπο αυτό δίνει μια μουσική παράσταση από … Continue reading

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