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Schema & MOCM make Contact Mic Instruments

We are sending each other a set of select objects through the post! Then each one of us makes some sort of DIY sound improvisation device with these objects. And then make some music with it. MOCM http://www.mocm.grContinue reading

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Circuit Bending Strategies – More Than Pitch

Part two of a short video series explaining the mentality and the techniques for the creation and use of DIY noise instruments, going deeper into their unique advantages and their problems, in various application scenarios. Adding pitch adjustment to a … Continue reading

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Particle Chant

Particle Chant I collected a large number of granular sounds, using mainly analog synthesizers and contact microphones, as well as synthesis and processing techniques which helped me get granular textures from other types of sound material. My initial goal was … Continue reading

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My SoundCloud

Updated tracks on SoundCloud three playlists – compilations schema musicalis · Music for Diffusion schema musicalis · improvisations schema musicalis · Lounge Funk  

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City Sound, Mechanical Lifeforms

  an improvisation with generative patches on Behringer Neutron and Volca Modular, over the city-scape as captured by two small-diaphragm cardioid mics on my balcony. post production: editing to make it shorter (without changing the sequence of events) and video … Continue reading

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Locus Sonus & Reveil

Reveil a 24+ hour radio broadcast following sunrise around the earth on Dawn Chorus Day 2 & 3 Mai 2020 My stream on Locus Sonus Athens_Center, 6th floor microphones @ my balcony

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Noise box improvisations

A noise improvisation instrument for RSLG making material for my piece Particle Chant

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I Make Music with Anything

Two videos about creating musical material out of anything. In a pop music context and in an Electroacoustic – Acousmatic music context.

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youtube:  /stgiann soundcloud: /stgiann   /sinusexplorer bandcamp:  /giannoulakis  /RSLG   /sinusexplorer mixcloud:  /schemamusicalis  /RSLG  /EleKtroBalKana facebook:   /schema.musicalis   /stelio.giannoulakis  /RSLG reverbnation:   /steliosgiannoulakis linkedin:   /stelios.giannoulakis tumblr:  /schemamusicalis

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Beauty Queen of Leename – Η Βασίλισσα της Ομορφιάς

Made music for The Beauty Queen of Leename by Martin McDonna Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Bass, Harsh Synth Drones

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The Dishwashers – Οι Λατζέρηδες

Made music for The Dishwashers: Double Bass solo, Dishwashing noise beat, gentle spider drone, Shopin meta-soundscape

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Ποιητική Θορύβου – Αστικό Ηχοτοπίο και Σύνθεση

This paper attempts to analyze the role of urban soundscape in electroacoustic acousmatic composition, looking at my own work, as well as with a view on contemporary music in general. Exploring the concept of noise in our culture, I approach the mechanisms that allow the sounds of everyday experience to participate in the development of a poetics rich in emotional dynamic, connected with fundamental elements of our music tradition and directly dependent on the way we experience sound.

A large part of my source recordings takes place in the city. Urban soundscapes have become the new natural sound environment for the people of the city. Over a century of exposition to sound by machines, crowds, plastic and metal, pure tones and recorded music embedded in everyday background, tends to redefine the processes and archetypes that govern the way we evaluate sound as art, as well as our emotional responses to it. The meaning and cultural significance of noise radically change.

Having chosen recorded sound as the main material of my sonic art, I sometimes use unprocessed sound and drive the composition forward by cutting, juxtaposing and mixing, playing with connotations, and the locally emerging myth. Alternatively, I might use the recording as a malleable material that I can change and warp around to the extreme. ‘Real-world’ sound has always had a certain power on the mind of the listener and so have the processes of its transformation, subtle or dramatic, gradual or sudden, playing with degrees of recognizability and laying out some kind of idiosyncratic dreamscape for listeners to let evolve and explore in their own mind. Continue reading

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EleKtroBalKana at Soiree De Votanique

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Circuit Bent Summer Love

Hidden installation Extra fun on the beach

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research as practice

upgrades installed memory online, definitions updated smart tools, warp markers, multiple assignments, envelopes of u-name-it density and volume fluctuations in improvisation mode auditory systems & brain functions exceptional proceeding youtube:  /stgiann tumblr:  /schemamusicalis soundcloud: /stgiann   /sinusexplorer bandcamp:  /giannoulakis   /sinusexplorer mixcloud:  /schemamusicalis   /elektrobalkana   /RSLG facebook: … Continue reading

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work in progress

gradually collecting my work into this blog at the moment there are three incomplete music sections: electroacoustic compositions, project sinusexplorer with down tempo cross-genre experimentation, my band elektrobalkana. Also, a couple of articles in Greek, writen for MusicPro magazine the … Continue reading

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relationships: fusion and dialectic

 General Concepts ‘‘…we may explore the multidimensional space of sound itself, which may be moulded like a sculptural medium in any way we wish…sound composition has become a plastic art like sculpture.’’ Wishart (1994), Audible Design   Towards the completion … Continue reading

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