Circuit bent toys @ Resistance drone&noise festival, 22 Dec 2013 at Vyrsodepseio, Athens.

Electroacoustic Days 2013, Corfu

Impro sessions @ Polytexno, Corfu

Music for “Foxes” by Don King, the new theatre play @ Epikolonw, Athens

Composition and Sound Design for Pinnatta

Music and Sound Design for the new feature film “Pillow” by Konstadinos Kakogiannis

Electroacoustic improvisation performance at Frown Tails 

frown stelios

Stelios Giannoulakis live @ FrownTails 28March2013 by Schema Musicalis on Mixcloud

Elf of Fate

Music composition and sound design for Iphone app by SerealDesigners and A&B&S&A, looking good, more to come.


Musicircus A 6 hour multi-stage tribute to John Cage

8 channel perfromances of John Cage tape pieces (Fontana Mix/Williams Mix/Bird Cage/Essay/Music for The Marrying Maiden)


ELECTRIC NIGHTS|3-Days of Electronic Arts

Live Electroacoustic Performance


About: Reclaiming the Past, Regaining the Real festival

Multi-speaker diffusion setup design, Diffusion Performance of Materialization, Live Electronics Performance, Diffusion Performances of electroacoustic pieces by members of HELMCA

Live @ KNOT Gallery

Workshops on Sound Art and Music Technology

Elektrobalkana Mark V gigs coming up

DJing Electroacoustics at bar Pi

Music for a new theatre play with Modus Faciendi theatre group

New electroacoustic tape piece with close mic recordings of sounds related to water. Minimal proccesing

New improvisation setup for drones and noisy textures -> pieces developing out of this

Playing around with my circuit bent toys -> to post more on that

Recording my one year old son crying and speaking in weird baby language

Making a ribbon controlled saw synth inspired by a workshop by MoCM -> report pending

Hug the World telematic jam session

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