general concepts

 General Concepts

‘‘…we may explore the multidimensional space of sound itself, which may be molded like a sculptural medium in any way we wish…sound composition has become a plastic art like sculpture.’’

Trevor Wishart (1994), Audible Design


In very general terms my work is concerned with the relationship between the control of sonic substance and musical effectiveness. It is the result of research into concepts, materials, form and techniques towards the development of a musical idiom that allows the use of any kind of sonic material for the creation of elegant musical experiences. In a process of discovery I have been identifying musical values to empower the expression of the hidden so it becomes manifest and communicable. I have looked at how sonic art tools and practices interact with traditions of composition and performance and tried stretching the boundaries, investigating the aesthetic implications – thus developing my flavor of musical story telling.


About stelios giannoulakis

composition, sound design, engineering, improvisation
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