Materialisation                       10:13                                2011

The idea behind the work is the process of coming into being. In an abstract sonic world, made with additive synthesis and frequency manipulation techniques, sonic entities acquire various degrees of tangibility while their apparent causal connection to other sonic entities, series of events and modulating environments develops as music.

The piece uses the language of electro-acoustic music. The source material was created by digital sonification of especially created images (some of these included in my submission), as mini graphic scores that defined phrases and passages. Those phrases were subsequently filtered, time stretched/compressed, transposed, edited and mixed, with extra processes of sonic evolution imposed.

The work is acousmatic in context, in the sense that there is a large distance between the sound and its originating source, but also a contrapuntal musical interplay between the spectral morphology and various generative processes hinted towards by the sound itself. The sound objects have been deliberately created as ‘abstract’, but the ways they appear and interconnect in the piece give us a feel of stylized ‘presences’, weird but almost organic. These manifest themselves and undergo particular idiosyncratic changes, develop into something else, appear and disappear in various ways interacting with their ‘environment’, setting this way a theatre stage for the listeners’ imagination and the connotations that enrich the emerging audio perception patterns.

At the same time, no set programmatic or narrative interpretation is necessary for us to follow the work. It may be enjoyed as a purely abstract musical sound sculpture piece in three sections with alternating dynamics and density, developing a discourse between pointillistic, patterned and continuous sonic elements and escalating towards a final cadence, followed by a coda. The connection with anything ‘real’ or extra-musical, be it a thing or a behavior, although in my view generally inescapable and in this piece welcome, will be purely subjective, unstable and elusive as implied by the title in its metaphysical sense – the appearance in bodily form of a disembodied spirit. In this context, the work is a rather humoristic and at moments dramatic or even violent mind game of justification or violation of expectance.


Most of the material for the piece was made by sonification of images I made in Photoshop


About stelios giannoulakis

composition, sound design, engineering, improvisation
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